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MultiUnit Housing

Every person should have the right to breathe smoke free air where you live and play. Sadly, research shows that every year there is an estimated 28 million multiunit housing residents who are exposed to secondhand smoke in their home or apartment that seeped in from a neighbor’s unit or someone smoking on the property.

In apartments and other multiunit housing, secondhand smoke can drift through walls, ventilation systems, windows and doorways. Secondhand smoke exposure is dangerous at any level, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it coming into your home.

Yet, approximately only 1 in 3 residents in multiunit housing are protected by Smoke-free policies that are part of rental and lease agreements. To make matters worse, only 5.8% of the Hispanic/Latino population is protected by smoke-free multiunit housing laws, compared to 8.6% of the general population.

We are fighting for policies to protect all residents who live in multiunit housing communities and together we can make a difference

Many neighborhoods throughout California have already begun passing laws and smoke-free policies in or around multiunit housing communities.

If you are a renter or owner who is suffering from secondhand smoke, there are steps you can take to work with your property owner/manager to adopt a smoke free policy for the property.

Let your property manager know going smoke-free promotes residents health by protecting them from secondhand smoke while improving their bottom line by reducing costs.

Benefits for smoke-free multiunit housing:

Building owners can make their building smoke-free. For assistance in establishing smoke-free policies in your housing community contact us.

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