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Be empowered with valuable facts and information about tobacco and tobacco related cancers.  Below you will find a variety of resources available for you to download.

Tobacco Education & Cessation

Tobacco and Cancer Fact Sheet

Tobacco use is the most preventable cause of death in our society. Nearly 20% of all deaths in the United States are related to tobacco use.

The True Cost of Smoking

Tobacco: What is it costing you? It’s not just deaths. Smoking affects a person’s health in many ways.

The Smoke Around You

Have you ever breathed in the smoke that curls up from the tip of someone else’s cigarette? Or the smoke exhaled by a smoker?

Smoking/Vaping & COVID-19

How is your risk of COVID-19 increased? Smoking/Vaping & Coronavirus (COVID-19). Give your lungs a fighting chance.

Cancer & Tobacco

What is Cancer? Cancer is a group of diseases where cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells.

You Can Quit Smoking

There’s no safe form of tobacco. If you smoke, stop! Encourage the people around you to quit, too.

Quit Smoking For You

Quit smoking for you and for everyone who cares about you. How does your body recover after you quit smoking?

The Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization committed to making tobacco use a thing of the past.

Addiction is Never Cool or Sweet

Get the facts about flavored tobacco and vapes.

What You Need to Know About Flavored Tobacco

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t flavored cigarettes?

Tobacco & The LGBT Communities

Studies have shown that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adults in the US are nearly twice as likely to smoke cigarettes, compared to the rest of the population.

Targeting the Hispanic/Latino Community

Tobacco products are one of the most heavily marketed consumer products in the United States.

Kick It California

Secondhand smoke can cause serious health problems for your family and your young ones. Connect with a Quit Coach today to #quitsmoking or #quitvaping! You might also qualify for a 2-week starter kit of free nicotine patches.

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1-800-600-8191 (Spanish)

Tobacco Free CA

Living smokefree has never been more important. Even if you don’t smoke or vape, someone in your building might.

Secondhand Smoke in Housing

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke drifts through multi-unit buildings and can enter common areas and units occupied by non-smokers.

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